A day in heaven


It was one of the most beautiful Sundays. My family went off for a bike trip and I had a whole half day for myself only. It's summer holidays and I usually spend all the time with my kids, I love it but sometimes (mothers will know) I just feel tired and exhausted. And now, I got a half - day off and decided to make a new watercolor painting. Well, an oil painting would be even better but I knew I only had a limited time for it and I just wouldn't be able to finish an oil painting in a few hours. And who knows when I would have time to finish it... But I could do it with watercolors, and that's what I love with them - watercolor painting is usually much quicker than an oil painting.

So I decided to go to our little garden in a near "horticultural garden", to water the garden and to collect our courgettes harvest. And to make a new painting, of course.

And this was the result:

Firstly I watered the garden and then I prepared this picturesque working place. I collected a few beautiful orange marigolds. I boiled water for my coffee and started with sketching the flowers in a glass.

I firstly moistened my paper and painted a wet-on-wet spilled background. Once it dried I started paining flower petal details. I like working in layers so I kept layering until the flowers looked OK. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of how I painted the glass - I was so immersed in the painting process, that I simply forgot that I wanted to document the whole step by step painting...

I really enjoyed this day so much! Only birds were singing and bees were buzzing... I need to repeat that some day - very soon :)