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Have you ever experienced the situation where you had to decide between several options - you have already considered all the logical arguments, compared all the positive and the negative aspects, rationally justified your final decision .... and yet somewhere deep down you were hearing a tiny voice whispering that things were not as they seemed to be?

Or: A situation or a relationship where something doesn't work for you, even if everything looks fine on the surface. Or a feeling of not knowing your goal, feeling lost and confused or working hard on something that didn't work out for you at the end.

We usually don't hear that little whispering voice deep inside through all the layers of our thoughts, moods, fears, responsibilities, distractions ... It's our inner voice, intuition, our sixth sense that tries to tell us how things really are. But how do you even hear it through the noise in our heads? There are many ways to learn to listen to it. Tarot is one of them.

Tarot is an ancient card game designed for self-knowledge and human development. The images on the Tarot cards speak directly to our subconscious through their archetypal symbolism.

A Tarot deck consists of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana teaches us about the evolutionary cycles of the human soul. Each of the cards represents a certain stage of this evolution and the experience we must gain to move one step further to our inner maturity. The Minor Arcana is about such more everyday life situations and tasks to understand.

Art of Tarot images, colored by Sandra Vilserova, Anna Rimskaja and Lea Cambor
Art of Tarot images, colored by Sandra Vilserova, Anna Rimskaja and Lea Cambor

What worked very well for me to get acquainted with Tarot cards, was a daily pulling the card of the day, every morning.

You can draw the Daily card with the question in your mind: "What awaits me today? What understanding will today bring me? What should I learn today?"

Alternatively,  the Daily card can be pulled in the evenings, for a better understanding and summary of why we experienced just such a poppy day today.

How does it work? There's no magic. Our subconscious (that quiet, inner voice) can communicate with our conscious mind easier through visual images than though our logical, analytical mind.  When we look at an archetype picture, certain feelings arise in us, some memories can be activated, we can just feel what is depicted, without a need to analyze it logically.

So, each card/ each image of Tarot carries a certain message, which is important to us right at this moment for some reason.

Art of Tarot images colored by Karen Senerchia, Sandra Vilserova
Art of Tarot images colored by Karen Senerchia, Sandra Vilserova

You can also understand the Tarot cards by gradually coloring them one by one, studying their meanings and examining all the details while coloring them :)

The new Art of Tarot coloring book is just ideal for doing so. This coloring book contains 22 large images of the Major Arcana, descriptions of the meanings of the cards, basic explanations, as well as a set of smaller images/ cards that you can cut out, color them and use as real cards.

The coloring book is available in PDF format, ready to download and print on any home printer. You can print images more than once (for your own usage).

In case you prefer classic physical paper coloring books, it is soon going to be available too.

The artist's print of Art of Tarot will be a big coloring book, printed on a high weight quality paper, with a spiral binding. There will be also cards removable from the book.

If you are wondering if the Minor Arcana coloring will be made too: yes it's my plan in future to create a complete Tarot deck to color, as well as a beautiful, colorful Cards deck! But this is going to be a long term project, so keep following this blog, my social media or sign up to my newsletter and you will be between the first ones to know :)

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