Coloring with Ecoline Brush pens 


I love watercolors so when I heard about watercolor brush pens Ecoline, I wished to try them and see how they work. I bought this set of 35 pcs from a friend who wasn't using them and it was a love for the first sight!

These brush pens look like big markers and have beautiful clear colors. The brush is big and juicy, and you can make very thin lines and also bold and wide lines under pressure.

I printed my new Fox coloring page on a watercolor paper and started with the background. I only put some color to the edges and then I took my good old brush and some water and spread the color to the background. You can also use a water refillable brush.

If you print your coloring pages by your own, wait until the print ink gets absolutely dry, otherwise you risk that the black ink on the lines mixes together with your ecoline brush colors.

If you want to create watercolor effects, you will need to use a good watercolor paper. I'm afraid that a usual thin paper wouldn't behave well with this amount of "juice"and water. If you want to use these brush pens in regular coloring books, just use them as markers and blend the colors with the blender and don't use added water. 

I tried to mix the yellow and blue colors to get some nice green tones and it worked very well. I just placed some yellow on the top of the bushes and some blue on the below parts of the bushes. Then I took my watercolor brush dipped in water and mixed the yellow and blue together.

To get the white parts i just let the white paper showing and didn't color over it. At the end I applied some white gel pen lines to highlight the fur.

I loved coloring my image with these brush pens and I think I will be using them more than my markers, even for illustrations and I would like to get more practice in calligraphy.

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