Fairies are coming!


A new beautiful coloring book is born!

This book is full of fairies and elves creatures that live unnoticed in different places of our planet and take care of the harmonious course of natural events. Images in this coloring book bring kindness and a little bit of mystery.

Natural beings are neither "good" nor "bad" - there is no such dual distinction in their world. Everything in nature has its place and serves a certain higher purpose.

Why  "Fairy Bliss"?

I was thinking about the name for the new book for a long time... I wanted to find a name that would describe the feeling, the idea - what would it be like to be a subtle, ethereal fairy? Or an otherworldly elf being?

What would it feel like, to be a Being that honors the Nature´s rhythms as their own biorhythm... I don't know if fairies have emotions like humans, but I think they live in a state "above emotions", in a kind of meditative state of flow where they just merge with nature. Simply, in a state of Bliss...

The cover of this coloring book is soft like velvet and is in joyful, energizing springy colors. The illustrations are in line art with a gentle grey scale shading. It is great for advanced colorists as well as for beginners.

You can watch a short flip-through here:

If you feel like reviving some of the fairies and elves with your colors, you don't have to be afraid to use watercolors too - the paper perfectly handles even larger layers of water and thus allows the braver ones to play more with their own creativity...

You can order the book directly from my Etsy shop - I sign each book and lovingly pack it in postman-proof packages :)

In case you prefer more economic standard paperback coloring books from Amazon, I have great news! My coloring books are already available on Amazon, too. Note these are NOT artist prints, but standard paperback books.