How to color animal fur?


I have been asked on how to color fur on animals and how to make it look realistic. So I decided to make a short video tutorial for all who either struggle with fur coloring or those who want to improve their art skills.

For this purpose, I printed out one of my new animal coloring pages (you can find all my cute animal coloring pages here) and used Prismacolor premier colored pencils. This is how the final colored bunny looks like:

Coloring fur is not difficult (I think much easier than skin coloring) so no fear, grab your colored pencils, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, choose some nice animal coloring page and start watching the video:

Before you start coloring any animal, I recommend to find some photos on the internet and study the look of the fur on the specific animal. Mainly focus on the fur growth direction - then you know in which direction you should be drawing the hairs on your image. This is the most important trick to achieve a realistic look of the fur.

In case you like the Bunny coloring page shown in the video, you can have it for free to practice fur coloring - just join my Facebook coloring group "Lenka Filonenko Coloring Club" and join our actual coloring event for March 2020. You will find the image in the Freebies album, and as a member of my group, you are free to download it for your personal use (be aware no sharing of the black and white image is allowed - you only can share your colored version of the image, stating my name as the coloring page artist)

Enjoy coloring :)