Magical Prague children's book


Let me share with you one of the most beautiful illustration challenges, which I really enjoyed and which has a really magical beginning...

Imagine that you wish for something - and it's actually not just such an ordinary, random thought - wish. I learned to wish differently, through my feelings. This is how it's done:  create an idea, a wish in your mind, and now start to FEEL what it feels like, how you feel when your wish comes true. Just imagine it has already happened and concentrate on how it feels like. 

This is also called "quantum wishing" or something like that. I know it might sound weird. But it works. And proof of that came to me in September last year.

So my son has got a collection of gorgeous educational children books which are made of only pictures, and that you can listen to the story by using a special electronic pen. They're called Magical Book Reading, from publishing company ALBI (Czech republic).

I love these books, and one day, I was sitting and just looking through all of them and enjoying the beautiful illustrations. I thought "wow how I love these genial books, I definitely would like to illustrate such a book once!" In my imagination, I completely saw myself proudly holding "my" book in my hand and how my name as an illustrator is written there. Then I put the books down and didn't think about it anymore.

You won't believe that, but in a few days, I got a phone call. A lady from that publishing company called and she wanted me to illustrate their new book for kids about Prague...

And what's absolutely amazingly great is that I've been thinking about creating something about Prague for a long time. Coloring books, illustrations... anything - because I love Prague, the mysterious rumors, beautiful buildings, cathedrals and places of power, I feel a strong attraction to this ancient city - that's why I moved here xx years ago.

I won't pretend that drawing buildings such as the National Theatre, the Astronomical clock ("Orloj") or the Prague Castle was easy :) Not at all. But I already had a similar illustration experience before, so I was not surprised by its difficulty. However, as always, I enjoyed most drawing the characters, their expressions, stories...

Miracles do happen, the book is already in print and will be out at the end of May. I will definitely show it to you! I can show you now a few previews of the pictures from the inside: