New PDF Coloring book ENIGMA


My new coloring book is all about beautiful, mysterious women. I have been working on these images since the beginning of the year and I was originally planning to finish and publish a beautiful printed book by end of May. I usually publish the paper book first and I make a PDF digital downloadable book from it afterwards. But this time, it's vice - versa.

Due to the actual situation when many of us are staying at home and trying to get over these strange times, plus shipping problems in some countries, I decided to not wait any longer and to get my new fantasy images to you as soon as possible. You can easily download the files, print them on your home printer and start coloring immediately.

99% of colorists are women - do you know why? We have this need of creativity in our DNA, we need to create, to make something beautiful to come into being. (Sure it applies to many men too)

And I feel there is so much more inner treasures we have been given, apart from creativity - intuition... passion... connection with Nature... inner wisdom... compassion... freedom... and much more. These inner treasures don't sound so cool and sexy in today's world, as the mainstream society in which we live today, is more appreciating the outer success - having great cars, big houses, important jobs, being stronger and faster than the competitors...

I feel we really need to find our lost treasures and start using them, every day. Enigma means a "secret, puzzle, mystery" or something hidden - like our inner powers and inner wisdom.

This PDF coloring book is now available in my Etsy shop.

If you prefer Grey Scale shaded images to color, please wait a few weeks, I am already working on them.

Enjoy your coloring art therapy and stay safe...