New Victorian coloring book - Coming soon!


Beautiful gowns with crinoline, corsets, elegant hats, ruffles, flowers, gloves and jewelry, satin, velvet ... Which woman today would not like to try to wear a complete dress of a 19th century lady at least once in her life?

And even though most of us will probably never get this wish in the end, we can at least dream about it and admire the beauty of the ladies in old paintings and illustrations (and in movies!).

We can also travel in fantasy to the age of elegance with crayons or brushes in our hands. My new coloring book "Victorian Grace" is going to be finished soon - this is going to be another large coloring book with a velvety soft cover and great quality paper.

Inside you will find detailed portraits of beautiful ladies in various dresses and robes from the Victorian era, with a a little bit of fantasy and lots of flowers and romance!

If you prefer buying PDF printable coloring books, I am going to prepare the PDF version of this coloring book. You can then print the images on your favorite paper and even try something special. Like I printed an image on a brown paper and used Prismacolor premier pencils to color it - and I think it turned out very well:

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