NO to AI art


Today, I would like to share with you some of my actual thoughts and concerns.

What is AI art?

Have you heard of the new AI (artificial intelligence) art making? You certainly have.

Well, this is becoming one of the nightmares of real human artists... This technology is starting to influence the whole art industry, illustration, concept art, and sadly - the coloring art industry too.
The technology can generate thousands of artificially created images in seconds. This sounds so fascinating, doesn't it!

But there is a huge ethical concern - these images are stealing from the existing art from the real human artists.

It literally learns and uses copyrighted art stolen on internet to combine it and create a "new" piece of art. Artists have no option to opt out of this crazy illegal system and of course no one gives them credit for the images used while AI generating "new" art.

People started created also coloring books based purely on AI art. Those who think ethically, at least make it clear in their products description that it is AI art. But there are many authors who do not mention it and customers have no idea they are buying AI art...

It takes me about 3 months to create a new grey scale coloring book having 21 illustrations. I guess it takes just several days for someone to create this amount of images using the AI technology. 

Can you tell the difference when looking at an AI generated image?

The technology is learning so quickly and art created by AI is looking already perfect. The only thing it still has to learn a little bit more, is correct human anatomy, mainly hands and fingers. But this is going so fast that I believe this will not be any issue anymore in the next few months.
So logically - I am wondering if anyone will be buying human art in a few years time???

Human artists need your support

We, artists creating their art by their hands and heart - we need our colorists, our clients and our fans - we need you - to show us your support, now more than ever in the whole history of art.

Because making art is so much more than just making business... years of cultivating inspiration and creativity, gaining experience, lots of training and hard work - and then feeling an absolute bliss and satisfaction when finishing a new piece...

So much passion and love that flow from every image to the colorists....

and so much joy and fulfillment that we are gaining back from you, when we see our creation put in colors by you...

And now, this should be taken away by a technology??

So many artists already feel disheartened and worrying about their future. Are we going to be replaced by AI? Will it stop there? Or will we let artificial intelligence replace painting, singing, playing live music or dancing? And will it stop there?

Pease think about it when deciding to put an AI coloring book in your basket or whether to prefer to support a traditionally creating artist who has the skill.
If you are interested in this theme, I recommend watch this short and clear video to understand the issue:

Why Artists are Fed Up with AI Art.