Oil painting in the garden


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and I could spend it in our garden. This time I took my painting supplies with me and decided to make a new oil panting!

A beautiful iris was waiting there for a portrait :) (The big one on the back left)

Iris is quite a complicated flower (I love these so much!) so I needed to make a detailed pencil sketch first. I think painting live objects is much harder than painting with a photo reference. This flower was looking a little bit different every hour... depending on the changing sun rays direction, the wind and also, I noticed that one of the flowers which looked so fresh in the morning, was drooping slowly during the day and the position of its petals has changed completely at the end of the day.

I like to start with the background and achieve the greens by mixing yellows and blues. But it looked a little bit "too green" so I added a little bit of red and white and painted more and more layers on the background. I didn't have a proper violet color neither, so I just mixed the basic colors to achieve it. The result color was not exactly as I wanted, but I'm happy with it anyway.

Painting on fresh air is wonderful, except those little flies landing on the canvas and staying glued to the oil. I had to carefully take them off like a million times :)

Tadaaa and it's done! How do you like it?