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Once upon a time, there was a little girl.

In her childhood, she experienced a lot of joy, but also some worries - perhaps even more worries than would be appropriate for her age. She longed to create her own world, a place that she could build as beautiful as she needed, and where she could be free. She's been dreaming about flying away from the environment where she could not find herself and no one understood her. She knew that she could only fulfill her dreams if she found out who she really was, what her mission was, and what she really wanted to do in life. As she grew up, one day she got an opportunity to start working abroad. She said goodbye, without much hesitating or planning anything. She packed her few things and stepped into the unknown, with a beating heart, knowing that a new period of life has just begun.

This is how the story of the Fool, the first card of the major Arcana, could begin.

The story goes on and on, varying in infinite number of forms. The path of the major Arcana leads us gradually through various stages of development of the human soul. It shows us what situations we face on a daily basis, how we can understand them from different angles and how we can deal with them. What valuable lessons we learn from them so that we can move on again.

This coloring book has been in my mind for a long time, and it took me several years to make it happen. Now I can say it it worth that hard work! :)

This extraordinary coloring book has got a beautiful velvet surface cover with golden letters. What can you find inside this book:

  • 22 full-page "line art" illustrations showing all major Arcana cards + bonus image.
  • 22 cards (smaller images) on 300 gsm cardboard paper that you can cut out of the book
  • A brief introduction to the world of Tarot and some basic ways of interpreting the cards, which can be applied to the major Arcana
  • Meanings of each card: meaning, keywords, coloring tips
  • This book is printed on a high-quality smooth paper 250 gsm - suitable for coloring not only with colored pencils, but also with watercolor, acrylic, markers, etc.

Watch the video review with brief explanation of each card, done by "Colour with Claire":

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High quality artist print

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